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Copies of selected membership lists of the Astronomical Society of Wales are presented here. The intention is to support research into the history of amateur astronomy in Wales. The lists may be of interest to people for other reasons, including researching family history.

Information about the Astronomical Society of Wales itself is available elsewhere. It existed from 1895 to c.1914.

Founder Members, 1895

Taken from the Journal of the Astronomical Society of Wales, vol. 1, preliminary number, January 1895, pages v to vi.

The spelling and punctuation of the published list is adopted. Therefore Llanelli is spelt Llanelly, Caernarfon is spelt Carnarvon, among other oddities. Mon. here means Monmouthshire, not Ynys Môn (Anglesey).

List of Members up to and including January 1, 1895.

Allison, John, Miskin Street, Cardiff.
Burrows, W. H., c.o. Messrs. Spillers & Bakers, Cardiff.
Callard, R., Devonia, Ammanford.
Crowe, E., Portland Street, Swansea.
Clarke, J. A., Dowlais Chambers, Mount Stuart Square, Cardiff.
Conta, D., Leicester Road, Maindee, Newport.
Chalke, R. D., Higher Grade School, Ferndale.
Davies, E. T., c.o. Western Mail, Cardiff.
Davies, D. J., Alderman Davies' Schools, Neath.
Duckworth, J. (B.A.), Coldstream Street, Llanelly.
Davey, Norris, Havering House, Abergavenny.
Davies, Rev. J., Llanfaelog, Tycroes, Anglesey.
Evans, Wm., Chemist, Llangefni.
Forrest, A. C., Duffryn House, Llandaff.
Forsdike, Sydney, Cartref, Cathedral Road, Cardiff.
Francis, Miss, Fairwater House, Bangor Street, Cardiff.
Forsdike, Miss, Cartref, Cathedral Road, Cardiff.
Fraser, Peter (B.Sc.), Carnarvon.
Gunn, Geo. H., 41, Hamilton Street, Cardiff.
Gaudin, J. de G. (B.A.), Carnarvon.
Hogan, Rev. Alex F., Llantillio-Pertholey, Mon.
Harrower, Miss, 34, Hamilton Street, Cardiff.
Hole, Alfred C. A., 33, Duke Street, St. James, London.
Home, S. (LL.B.), Cwrt Saeson, Sketty, Swansea.
Hughes, Edward, Draper, Llangefni.
Harris, –, Chepstow Road, Newport.
Innes, John, Berllanfawr, Llanelly.
Jenkins, Rev. A. J., 51, Morden Road, Maindee, Newport.
Jones, Principal J. Viriamu (F.R.S.), University College, Cardiff.
Jenkins, G. P. (F.R.A.S.), Llangefni, Anglesey.
Jenkins, E. A., 9, Nelson Street, Swansea.
John, T. D., Dinas Board School, Penygraig.
Jones, R. Wigley, Llangefni.
Jones W. Stanley.
Lattey, N. (Memb. B.A.A.), Eastbrook House, Dinas Powis.
Lean, T. J., Western Mail, Cardiff.
Lewis, Arthur A. (Memb. B.A.A.), Glenview, Morriston.
Mee, Arthur (F.R.A.S.), 41, Hamilton Street, Cardiff.
Mee, Mrs. Arthur, 41, Hamilton Street, Cardiff.
Morris, T. M., 45, Queen Street, Neath.
Marker, Miss, Bangor Street, Cardiff.
Morris, Ivor, Devonia, Ammanford.
Nicholls, W. Edgar, Llanishen Rise, Llanishen.
Paterson, J. N., 9, Charles Street, Cardiff.
Powel, D. B. W., 62, Miskin Street, Cardiff.
Rees, H., Talbot Street, Cardiff.
Roberts, E., Preswylfa, Hoylake.
Rees, John (Memb. B.A.A.), 36, Miskin Street, Cardiff.
Stuart, Miss, Sunny Bank, Blackwood.
Tanner, Prof. J. Lloyd (F.R.A.S.), University College, Cardiff.
Thomas, J. S. Ladd, Hean Castle Gardens, Saundersfoot.
Thomas, William, Postmaster, Llangefni.
Tasker, R. B., Carnarvon.
Walker, Rev. J. H., Mandeville Street, Cardiff.
Whitmell, C. T. (Memb. B.A.A.), 47, Park Place, Cardiff.
Walters, W. T., London & Provincial Bank, Fishguard.
Winks, Rev. W. E. (Memb. B.A.A.), Richmond Road, Cardiff.
Webb, G. H. R., Solicitor, Swansea.
Williams, Rev. Edgar (M.A.), Maindee College, Newport.

Membership list for 1898

Taken from the Cambrian Natural Observer, vol. 1, no. 4, pages 117-120, November 1898.

The spellings and punctuation used in the published list are kept here: for example, the published list used Llanelly instead of Llanelli, Aberystwith instead of Aberystwyth.

Atkinson, Geo. A. S., B.Sc., F.R.A.S., 238, Newport-road, Cardiff.
Anstie, Miss, Ash Cottage, Queen-street, Cardiff.
Bruce, Ven. Archdeacon, M.A., St. Woollos, Newport.
Bassett, J., 94, Fairleigh-rd., Stoke Newington.
Balmer, Mrs., 1, Llanbleddian-gardens, Cardiff.
Boulton, –, A.R.C.Sc., University College, Cardiff.
Callard, R., Devonia. Ammanford.
Conta, D., Leicester-road, Newport.
Duckworth, J., B.A., Coldstream-st., Llanelly.
Davies, W., Board School, Morriston.
Edwards, Rev. W. Augustus, Pembroke Dock.
Evans, John, Pendref, Caersws.
Evans, Franklen G., F.R.A.S., Llwynarthan, Castleton, Cardiff.
Evans, J., The Brewery, Pontardawe.
Evans, Rev. D., Vicarage, Conwil Elvet.
Foulkes, Rev. T. H., M.A., Malta.
Ford, W. A., Uplands-crescent, Swansea.
Griffiths, P. Rhys, M.B., Newport-road, Cardiff.
Hogan, Rev. A. F., Llantillio, Pertholey, Mon.
Howell, James, jun., 1, Richmond-crescent, Cardiff.
Howard, C. F., 59, Despenser-street, Cardiff.
Hagerty, Miss, A.R.C.Sc., Higher Grade School, Cardiff.
Hensman, C. M., Lloyds Bank House, Penarth.
Hensman, Chas., Lloyds Bank House, Penarth.
Hensman, Mrs., Lloyds Bank House, Penarth.
Harrison, R. C., Bryn Onen, Dowlais.
Harries, Thos., Dimpath, Llanelly.
Innes, John, Berllanfawr, Llanelly.
Jones, Principal, F.R.S., &c., The College, Cardiff.
Jenkins, G. Parry, F.R.A.S., Colwyn Bay.
Jones, John ("Seryddwr"), 32, Albert-street, Bangor (deceased).
Jukes, Joshua, F.R.A.S., 11, Seaview-terrace, Aberdovey.
Jones, W. Black, M.D., Llangammarch Wells.
Kenrick, R., 24, Marine-terrace, Aberystwith.
Lewis, Mrs., 16, Castle-road, Cardiff.
Lloyd, Evan, Plymouth-road, Cardiff.
Lattey, Norman, 13, Llanishen-street, Cardiff.
Lean, T. J., "Western Mail," Cardiff.
Lewis, Arthur A., Glenview, Morriston.
Longbottom, F. W., Queen's Park, Chester.
Mee, Arthur, F.R.A.S., 41, Hamilton-st., Cardiff.
Mee, Mrs. Arthur, 41, Hamilton-st., Cardiff.
Meares, J. W., F.R.A.S., Winters'-buildings, Calcutta.
Mellor, T. K., F.R.A.S., Vernon-avenue, Huddersfield.
Mendham, Miss, Shepscombe House, Stroud.
Paterson, J. N., 9, Charles-street, Cardiff.
Powel, D. B. W., 3, Glynrhondda-street, Cardiff.
Phillips, Rev. T. R., Henford Vicarage, Yeovil.
Pugh, W., 38, Theberton-st., Upper-st., Islington.
Proger, J. Lewis, Penarth.
Phillips, E. P., F.R.Met.Soc., Haverfordwest.
Randall, H. J., F.R.Met.Soc., Bridgend.
Roberts, Rev. Ellis G., Noble College, Masulipatam, South India.
Roberts, Mrs., Masulipatam, South India.
Rule, Miss, Pontcanna-terrace, Cardiff.
St. Clair, Rev. G., F.G.S., Birmingham.
Swain, Miss F., 12, Stow-hill, Newport.
Small, Evan W., M.A., Sunnyside, West Park, Newport.
Stradling, Alfred, Cirencester.
Southey, George, "Western Mail," Cardiff.
Scott, William, Brecon-road, Merthyr.
Thompson, G. C., LL.M., Park-rd., Penarth.
Tanner, Professor, F.R.A.S., The College, Cardiff.
Taylor, A., 9, Llandough-st., Cathays, Cardiff.
Vaughan, Miss, 12, Berthwyn-street, Cardiff.
Vaughan, Gwilym, Ammanford.
Williams, T. J., 34, Newport-rd., Cardiff.
Willett, Rev. W. M., Woodland-road, Newport.
Whitmell, C. T., M.A., Invermay, Headingley, Leeds.
Walters, W. T., London and Provincial Bank, Fishguard.
Williams, A. A., 31, Conway-road, Cardiff.
Winks, Rev. W. E., F.R.A.S., Richmond-road, Cardiff.
Waugh, James, M.A., Higher Grade School, Cardiff.
Walker Mrs., Severn-road, Cardiff.
Wakley, Miss, 132, Claude-road, Cardiff.
Young, J. F., New-road, Llanelly.


Antoniadi, Eugene M., Observatoire Flammarion.
Ball, Sir Robert, F.R.S., Cambridge.
Brown, Miss E., Further Barton, Cirencester.
Denning, W. F., F.R.A.S., Bristol.
Elger, T. Gwyn, F.R.A.S., Bedford (deceased).
Espin, Rev. T. E., F.R.A.S., Darlington.
Fowler, A., F.R.A.S., South Kensington.
Flammarion, Camille, Juvisy.
Grover, C., Rousdon Observatory.
Goodacre, W., F.R.A.S., Crouch End.
Holmes, Edwin, Hornsey Rise.
Johnson, Rev. S. J., F.R.A.S., Melplash, Bridport.
MacEwen, H., F.R.A.S., Glasgow.
Maunder, E. Walter, F.R.A.S., Greenwich.
Noble, Captain Wm., F.R.A.S., Uckfield.
Roberts, Isaac, F.R.S., Crowborough.
Wesley, W. H., Burlington House, London.
Waugh, Rev. W. R., F.R.A.S., Portland.
Weinek, Professor Dr., Prague.

Membership list for 1905

Taken from the Cambrian Natural Observer for 1904, vol. 7, pages 26-30, 1905.

The spellings and punctuation used in the published list are kept here: for example, the published list used Llanelly instead of Llanelli. Typesetting errors are reproduced.

∗Original Members.       †Life Members
Atkinson, Geo. A. S., B.Sc., F.R.A.S., 2, Oakfield Street, Cardiff
Ayres, T. B.Sc., Fair Mount, Cadley, Preston

Bassett, J. Gower, Sunset, Llanelly
Bateson, Joseph, 54, Wingate Lane, West Broughton, Bolton
Bolton, Scriven, 24, Kensington Terrace, Hyde Park Road, Leeds
Bement, Mrs., 82, Claude Road, Cardiff
Bruce, W. H., 69, Diamond Harbour Road, Kidderpore, Calcutta
Burn, A. J., Old Road, Llanelly.
Batt, W. H., Werfa Street, Roath Park, Cardiff
Bickerton-Edwards, Dr. W., Seven Sisters, Neath

∗Callard, R., Devonia, Ammanford
∗†Conta, D., Leicester Road, Newport
Collins, Mrs. W. T., Fern Bank, Windsor Road, Newport
Capel, Ernest Kingswood, Ampthill, Bedfordshire

∗Duckworth, J., B.A., Carlise
Daniel, Francis, 11, Stafford Terrace, Plymouth
Dawes, T. R., M.A., County School, Pembroke Dock
Dawes, Mrs., M.A., County School, Pembroke Dock
Dansken, J., F.R.A.S., 2, Hillside Gardens, Partick Hill, Glasgow
Davies, Howell, 18, Blaenau Gwent, Cwmtillery, Mon.
Dames, C. R., Clynderwen House, Clynderwen

Edwards, Rev. W. Augustus, Pembroke Dock
Evans, John, Minhafren, Llandinam
Evans, J., Gravel Bank, Pontardawe
Evans, Rev. D., Vicarage, Conwil Elvet
Evans, Rev. Evan, Llansadwrn Rectory, Anglesey
Eynon, James, Tyrfan Villa, Llanelly
Evans, Edgar Ivor, 4, Alberta Place, Penarth

Griffiths, Mrs. Llangoed Vicarage, Anglesey
Grant, J. Glenelg, Howard Gardens, Cardiff
Goodman, W., 48, Market Street, Swadlincote, Burton-on-Trent
Grover, C., Rousdon Observatory, Lyme Regis
Graham, Miss, 72, Stacey Road, Cardiff
Goodman, G., Constellation Street, Cardiff.
Gillett, F. T., Higher Grade School, Cardiff.
Gornall, Miss, B.A., County School, Festiniog.
Greenaway, W. T., 135, Beaumont Road, Plymouth
Griffiths, Principal E. H., F.R.S., 24, Newport Road, Cardiff
Gorvin, Mrs., 6, Windsor Esplanade, Cardiff

∗Hogan, Rev. A. F., St. Teilo's Vicarage, Abergavenny
Hagerty, Miss, A.R.C.Sc., Wordsworth Avenue, Cardiff
Hensman, C.M., Lloyds Bank House, Penarth
Hensman, Chas., Lloyds Bank House, Penarth
Harrison, R. C., Bryn Onen, Dowlais
Harries, Thos., Dimpath, Llanelly
Hooper, Miss S., 92, Richards Terrace, Newport Road, Cardiff
Harris, Arthur J., Redcote, Llanishen
Hawkins, D., B.Sc., Pupil Teachers' Centre, Porth
Hill, Desmond, National Provincial Bank, Brecon
Hobkirk, W. Y., Lake Villa, Cwmtillery
Hughes, Rev. W. L., The Rectory, Llanbedr, R.S.O., Merioneth
∗Innes, John, The Croft, Old Proad, Llanelly
Innes, Mrs. R. V., Penmaenmawr
Isaac, J.. Griffith, M.P.S., L.D.S., The Square, Neath

∗Jenkins, G. Parry, F.R.A.S., Burlington, Ontario
Jones, Joshua, F.R.A.S., 11, Seaview Terrace, Aberdovey
Jones, W. Black, M.D., Llangammarch Wells
Jones, David, 9, Morlais Street, Dowlais
Jutsum, Captain, F.R.A.S., Fitzhamon Embankment, Cardiff
Jackson, J. J., B.A., LL.B., Cardiff
Jones, Evan R., Llwynhendy, Llanelly
Jones, D. Pugh, Hawthorn, Llandaff
Jerman, J., F.R.I.B.A., The Bungalow, Topsham Road, Exeter.
Jones, R. W., B.A., Lewis School, Pengam

Kidd, J., Newport Road, Cardiff

∗Lattey, Norman, 13, Llanishen Street, Cardiff
∗Lean, T. J., Western Mail, Cardiff
∗Lewis, Arthur A., Ashburnham House, Burry Port
Lewis, Mrs. J.M., Castle Road, Cardiff
Longbottom, F.W., Queen's Park, Chester
Lewis, Rev. J. Pollard, B.A., Carew Vicarage, Pem.
Lancaster, J. L., 20, Wilbury Gardens, Hove, Sussex
Lee, Major-General, Dinas Powis
Llewellyn, G. H., Bryncain, Abergavenny
Lewis, Gwilym Ifor, Efailwen P.O., Clynderwen

Mee, Arthur, Tremynfa, Llanishen
Mee, Mrs. Arthur, Llanishen
Mee, Mrs., 7, Greenfields, Llanelly
Mendham, Miss, Shepscombe House, Stroud
Moore, T. J., Field House, Hatfield, Doncaster
Morgan, John, Solicitor, Parade, Cardiff
Morgan, W. T., Orange Gardens, Pembroke
Morgan, Chas., B.A., Penarth
Matthews, T. F., Westward Ho, Windsor Road, Abergavenny
Mullin, Dr., Conway Road, Cardiff

Nankwill, Miss, 9, Matlock Terrace, Torquay
Nicoll, W. E., 24, Columbus Ravine, Scarborough
Neale, J. J. Park Road, Penarth

Pardoe, Fred, 22, Cardiff Street, Aberdare
Phillips, E. Picton, F.R.Met.Soc., Haverfordwest
Price, J. H., Hardwicke House, Bridgend
Phillips, Rev. T. R., F.R.A.S., Croydon
Powell, Rev. M. J., Llanfrynach Rectory, Brecon
Parfitt, A. E., Bargoed
Pritchard. E. T., 9, Talworth Street, Cardiff
Perman, Miss, M.A., County School, Pembroke Dock
Peters, Rev. W. A., M.A., Peterstone Villa, Newport

∗Roberts, Eleazar, Preswylfa, Hoylake
Randall, H. J., LL.B., Bridgend
Roberts, Rev. Ellis G., Newbould-on-Stour
Rule, Miss, 41, Pontcanna Avanue, Cardiff
Reeves, S., Rose Cottage, Dudley, Stourport
Reed, Thos. A., Mount Stewart Square, Cardiff
Rees, Dr. E. D., Caersws, Montgomery

Swain, Miss F., 2, Godfrey Street, Newport
Southey, George, Richmond Road, Cardiff
Scott, William, Pontgerddinen House, Penylan Road, Cardiff
Spencer, Mrs., c/o R. H. Tiddeman, 195, Banbury Road, Oxford
Stevenson, G. M., Weston Villa, New Road, Llanelly
Shaw, Captain, H.M.I., The Green, Llandaff
Sharpe, A., B.A., 84, Diana Street, Cardiff
Sutcliffe, J. W., Cwmtylery, Mon., R.S.O.
Seward, Edwin, F.R.I.B.A., Lisvane

Thompson, G. Carslake, LL.M., Park Road, Penarth
Taylor, Geo. B., Gloucester Road, Coleford
Thomas, Thos., 7, Adamsdown Square, Cardiff
Thomas, T. W., 7, Adamsdown Square, Cardiff

Vaughan, Miss, Berthwyn Street, Cathedral Road, Cardiff

∗Whitmell, C. T., M.A., Invermay, Headlingley, Leeds
∗Walters, W. T., London and Provincial Bank, Fishguard
Williams, T. J., 34, Newport Road, Cardiff
Williett, Rev. W. M., Woodland Road, Newport
Williams, Jas., Wern Boys' School, Ystalyfera
Winks, Rev. W. E., Richmond Road, Cardiff
Waugh, James, M.A., Intermediate School, Cardiff
Ware, Morton, B.Sc., Higher Grade School, Cardiff
West, Geo. H., B.Sc., County School, Pembroke Dock

Young, J. F., New Road, Llanelly



Antoniadi, Eugene M., Paris

Ball, Sir Robert, F.R.S., Cambridge
Bruce, Ven. Archdeacon, M.A., Roggiett

Cortie, Rev. A. L., S.J., F.R.A.S., Stonyhurst

Denning, W. F., F.R.A.S., Bristol

Espin, Rev. T. E., F.R.A.S., Darlington

Fowler, A., F.R.A.S., South Kensington
Flammarion, Camille, Juvisy, France

Goodacre, W., F.R.A.S., Crouch End
Gore, J. E., F.R.A.S., Dublin

Holmes, Edwin, Hornsey Rise

Johnson, Rev. S. J., F.R.A.S., Melplash

MacEwen, H., Glasgow
Maunder, E. Walter, F.R.A.S., Greenwich
Markwick, Col., F.R.A.S., Salisbury

Wesley, W. H., Burlington House, London
Waugh, Rev. W. R., F.R.A.S., Portland
Weinek, Professor Dr., Prague

Membership list for 1910

Taken from the Cambrian Natural Observer for 1910, new series vol. 1, pages 60-66, 1911.

The spellings and punctuation used in the published list are kept here: for example, the published list used Llanelly instead of Llanelli. Typesetting errors are reproduced.

Members of the Astronomical Society of Wales, 1910.


(Members marked ∗ were elected at the time of the formation of the Society. Life Members †. Members paying 5/- subscription marked ‡. When no town is mentioned Cardiff is understood. If names and addresses are incorrectly given, it is requested that corrections be sent to the Hon. Sec. immediately.)

Atkinson, Geo. A. S., B.Sc., F.R.A.S., Technical Institute, Crewe.
Andrews, C. D. R., 7, Clifton Road, Brockley. S.E.
Aitken, F. E., 33, St. Nicholas' Road, Barry.
Alexander, Miss Grace, Bryn Eithen, Dinas Powis.
Anstee, Mrs., 127. Queen Street.
Arthy, E. C., 15, Forest Drive, E., Leytonstone.
Ambrose, Mrs., Palace Road, Llandaff.
Bassett, J., 82, High Street, Stoke Newington.
Bolton, Scriven, F.R.A.S., 24, Kensington Terrace, Hyde Park, Leeds.
Bement, Mrs., 82, Claude Road.
Bruce, W. H., 69, Diamond Harbour Road, Kidderpore, Calcutta.
Burn, A. J., Old Road, Llanelly.
Batt, W. H., Fern Villa, Hengoed.
Brown, David, 63, Woodville Road.
‡Bass, Capt., 26, Rawden Place.
Bird, Frank., 38, Newport Road.
Burnerd, F., 43, Upper Richmond Road, Putney.
Billups, Percy, M.R.C.S., F.R.A.S., Barry Island.
Bond, S., 9, The Walk.
Bond, Mrs. 9, The Walk.
Brown. Archibald, Ardconnel, Penarth,
Bagridge, R., 69, Arran Street.
∗Callard, R., Tycoch, Ammanford.
∗†Conta, D. Grafton Road,, Newport.
Collins, Mrs. W. T., Littls Haven, Oakfield Road, Newport.
Cullen, W. H , Newlands, Llanishen.
Cullen, Mrs., Newlands, Llanishen.
Collins, Miss K., 36, Overton Road, London.
Clarke, J. A., 226, City Road.
†Childs, G. Glenview Villa, Ferndale.
Davies, Howell, Blaenau Gwent, Cwmtillery.
Down, F. P., 42, Plymouth Road, Penarth.
Dickinson Miss, Osmington, Sidcup.
Dovey, Rev. W., The Vicarage, Llanmartin.
Downing, C. 110, Splott Road.
Davies, Alderman E. H., J.P., Pentre.
‡Duncan, Alex., Beach Road, Penarth.
Daniel, Vincent, Broad Oak Cottage, Crowcombe Heathfield, Taunton.
Dyer, H., 8, Pembroke Terrace.
Drewell, P., Kirkdale Road, Leytonstone.
Durie, W., 9, Victoria Square, Penarth.
‡Dorman, C. M., Corrisgate, Beaufort Road, Brooklands.
Davies, J. P., 61, Richmond Road.
Davies, Daniel, 91, Bonvilstone Road, Pontypridd.
Dames, J. R., M.A., Fairfield, Castleford.
Evans, John, Minhafren, Llandinam.
Evans, J., Gravel Bank, Pontardawe.
Evans, J. Edward, A.C.P., Pencoed.
‡Evans, Rev. J. Silas, Llanrhaidr Mochnant, Mont.
Emery, A. C., 65, Malefant Street.
Evans, Rev. T., Oaklands, Merthyr Vale.
Eynon, James, Ty'rfran Villa, Llanelly.
Evans, Edgar I., A.M.I.C.E., 20, Salisbury Avenue, Penarth.
‡Edwards, E. W., Glannant, Ferndale.
Edwards, Dr. W. B., Seven Sisters, Neath.
Fudge, A. G., Devoran, Caerleon.
Fudge, Mrs., Devoran, Caerleon.
Freeth, F., 39, Vincent Square, Westminster.
Franklin, C. W., 15, the Grove, Swansea.
Fox, W. L., Solicitor, Carmino, Falmouth.
Grover, C., F.R.A.S., Rousdon Observatory, Lyme Regis.
Goodman, G., 57, Constellation Street.
Griffiths, Principal, D.Sc., F.R.S., University College, and 24, Newport Road.
‡Gorvin, Captain, 6, Windsor Esplanade.
Gorvin, Mrs. 6, Windsor Esplanade.
Giblet, Hugh E., 20, Pembroke Road.
Griffith, Rev. John, Nantymoel.
George, H. T., M.A., 2, St. Andrew's Palce.
Griffiths, S., Glyn Cottage, Hafod, Swansea.
Griffith, Rev. M., Penymynydd, Llanfair.
‡Griffith, E. T., Maes-y-coed, Caerphilly,
‡Griffith, W. D., Arfryn, Pontyberem, Carm.
‡Gray, James, B.A., Park C. School.
Green, Maajor, Fairyland, Neath.
Green, Miss, 29, Wellington Street.
Gibney. P. A., 3, Iona Drive, Drumcondra, Dublin.
‡Hagerty, Miss E. G. A.R.C.Sc., Rock Villa, Esplanade, Penarth.
Hensman, C. M,, Lloyds Bank, Bath.
Harrison, R. C., Brynonen, Dowlais.
Harris, Arthur J. Redcote, Llanishen.
Hawkins, D., B.Sc., 12, Cemetery Road, Porth.
Hill, Desmond, N. P., Bank, Brecon.
Hobkirk, R. W. Y., Lake Villa, Cwmtillery.
‡Harrison, H. R., 2a, Newport Road.
Hooper, H. R., 75, Richmond Road.
Heath, T. E., F.R.A.S., Stanwell Road, Penarth.
Hodgson, A. S., B.Sc., Cemetery Road, Porth.
Hardy, J. B. B.A., 116, Berw Road, Pontypridd.
Hutchinson, John, Western Mail Chambers.
‡Hallett, Norman, 18, Victoria Road, Penarth.
‡Heywood, T. M., Victoria Square, Penarth.
‡Hughes, P.G., P.T. Centre, Porth.
Harris, W., Kymer Villa, Pencyd Hill, Kidwelly.
Harvey, J. 12, Pymore, Bridport.
Heath, M. B. Hillside, Dodbrooke, Kingsbridge.
Hindmarsh, Miss, Cefncoed Road, Roath Lake East.
∗Innes, John, Old Road, Llanelly.
Innes, Miss Bodawen, Penmaenmawr.
Jukes, Joshua, F.R.A.S., 11, Seaview Terrace, Aberdovey.
Jones, W. Black, M.D., Llangammarch Wells.
Jones, David, 9, Morlais Street, Dowlais.
Jutsum, Captain, F.R.A.S., Fitzhamon.
Jones, D. Pugh, F.S.I., F.G.S., 6, Kimberley Road, Penylan.
Jerman, J. F.R.I.B.A., Bungalow, Exeter.
Jarman, C. E., 12, Paget Street, Grange.
Jones, R. W., B.A., J.P., County School, Pengam.
Jones, Rev. D. E. Ll., F.R.A.S., The Vicarage, Maindee, Newport.
Jones, W. "Longford," Erskine Road, Colwyn Bay.
Jones, W. Southwell, c/o N.B., and Mercantile Insurance Company.
Jenkins, T. K., Nantyglo.
Jones, J. P. T., 5 & 6, Great St. Helen's London. E.C.
Jones, L. Gladstone House, Pontrhydyfen, Port Talbot.
Jones, John E., Ty Brith, Moelfre, Oswestry.
John, J., 175, High Street, Blaina.
Jenkins, R. W., Bleak House, Hatfield Broad Oak, Haslow.
Jones, W. H., 6, Claremont Villas, Mumbles.
‡Jolliffe, Henry, Clive Road, Penarth.
Kidd, J. A., East Wharf.
Kidd, Miss,
Kinghorn, Alex., Cardiff Road, Llanishen.
Kinghorn, Miss, Cardiff Road, Llanishen.
Kerslake, T. S., Lawrence Hill, Bristol.
‡Kendall, F. W., Plymouth Road, Penarth.
‡Knight, S. Y., Llanishen.
Lattey, Norman, Connaught Road.
Lewis, Arthur A., Ashburnham House, Burry Port.
Lewis, Mrs. J. M., 16, City Road.
Lancaster, J. Locke, 20, Wilbury Gardens, Hove.
‡Lee, Major-General, F.R.A.S., The Mount, Dinas Powis.
Leonard, T. J., 23. Hanover Street, Canton.
Lewis, W. M., 12, Edwards Terrace.
Lewis, John, Council School, Hengoed.
‡Lloyd-Owen, Rev. R. W., Aberannell, Garth, R.S.O.
‡Lewis, Rev. Canon W., The Vicarage, Pentre.
∗Mee, Arthur, Tremynfa, Llanishen.
Metcalfe. Miss, Dromare, Painswick, Gloucester.
Moore, T. J., Field House, Hatfield, Doncaster.
Mullin, Dr. J., Conway Road.
Mason, G. F., 245, Newport Road.
‡Murphy, F., 284, Newport Road.
Madge, Ernest, The Studio, Morriston.
Millard, P. S., Railway Terrace, Penarth.
‡March, C. H., 55, System Street.
Mason, W. S., 10, Century Street, Portadown.
Matthews, Edgar, 20, Burketts Terrace, Sudbury, Suffolk.
Murray, F. W., Moray Villa, Lenzie, N.B.
†Neale, J. J., J.P., Lynwood, Penarth.
Nash, W. J., A.R.I.B.A., Redcliff, Heathfield, Swansea.
‡Newport Public Library.
Owen, O J., Neville Street, Abergavenny.
Owen, E. Vaughan, Neville Street, Abergavenny.
Owen, Owen, Aelybryn, Pwllheli.
Pardoe, F. Darren House, Aderdare.
Price, J. H., Hardwick House, Bridgend.
Powell, Rev. M. J., M.A., Vicarage, Aberystwyth.
Perman, Miss, M.A., County School, Pembroke Dock.
Pittway, Harold, B.Sc., Maesycwmmer.
Pittway, Mrs , Maesycwmmer.
Powell, George, 37, Gloucester Street, Aberdare.
Parsons, C. H., 92, Claude Road.
Phillips, D. Rhys, Welsh Librarian, Swansea.
Pearce, Alf. J., 84, Kingscourt Road, Streatham.
Pinkerton, Prof. R. H., M.A., B.Sc., University College.
Peacock, E. E., Lorne Villa, Pulteney Road, Bath.
Paterson, L., 15, Malefant Street.
Phillips, Geo., 16, Mountstewart Square.
∗Roberts, Eleazar, Preswylfa. Hoylake
Rule, Miss, Radnor Road School.
†Reed, Thomas A., James Street.
Rees, Dr. E. D., Caersws, Montgomery.
Rumbelow, A., 65, Malefant Street.
Rees, Dr. Howell, J.P., Newport Road.
Rees, F. R., B.Sc., Roath Lake West.
Rees, John, F.R.A.S., 36, Miskin Street.
Rees, H. Morgan, Wharton Street.
Rogers, Rev. T., 68, Plasturton Avenue.
Swain, Miss F. T., 45, Bridge Street, Newport.
Sutcliffe, J. W., Preswylfa, Abertillery.
Seward, Edwin, F.R.I.B.A., Lisvane.
Snell, C. E., c/o Assistant Engineer, G.P.O., Cape Town.
Sutcliffe, A., 21, Morlais Street.
Seward, P., Holmlea, Radyr.
Shaw, Capt., Llandaff.
‡Spiridion, Hubert, Duke Street.
Smith, W., 152, Holton Road, Barry Dock.
Sargent, Frank, 16, Cotterell Road, Lower Eastville, Bristol.
‡Seel, R. H., Ailsacraig, Dinas Powis.
Taylor, G. B., 1, Gloucester Road, Coleford.
Thomas, Thos., 45, Kimberley Road.
Thomas, T. W.., 45, Kimberley Road.
Tinker, Miss, Waresley, Llanishen.
Tinker, Geo., Waresley, Llanishen.
Thomas, George, 118, Plymouth Road, Penarth.
Thomas, J., The Croft, Port Talbot.
‡Treharne, F. G., F.C.S., Llanishen.
Toy, E. J., 31, Windsor Terrace, Swansea.
‡Vyvyan, Captain, Salisbury Avenue, Penarth.
‡Vachell, Charles, M.D., Park Place.
∗Walters, W. T., L. and P. Bank, Fishguard.
Willett, Rev. W. M., Helmaen, Llanbadoc, Usk.
Williams, James, Wern School, Ystalyfera.
Winks, Rev. W. E., Richmond Road.
West, Geo. H., B.Sc., County School. Pembroke Dock.
Weeks, Lieut. C. M., 20, Penylan Road.
Welch, Alfred S., 193, Severn Road.
Williams, J. L., Maesquarre, Ammanford.
Williams, G. B., Old Bank Chambers, Pontypridd.
Williams, D. N., F.R.M.S., 29, Tudor Terrace, Merthyr.
Williams, H. S., F.R.A.S., Heathfield, Swansea.
Wilson, J. A., Salisbury Avenue, Penarth.
Willie, G., Farway, Roath Lake West.
Willie, Mrs., Farway, Roath Lake West.
Williams, J. M., F.L.S., Dyffryn, Parkstone Avenue. Bournemouth.
‡Weir, Capt., F.R.A.S., 9, Kymen Terrace, Penarth.
‡Williams, Watkin, Gwawrfryn, Llanishen.
‡Wentworth, W. M., St. Donat's, Dinas Powis.
Winton, Miss De, Maesderwen, Brecon.
Willows, E. T., 2, Dumfries Place.
Wickham, R., Fairholm, Kington.
Warner, Miss Irene T., Ardagh, Horfield. Bristol.
Wiltshire, W. J., Maindy School.
†Yerward-James, W. E., Caemorgan, Cardigan.



Bruce, Ven. Archdeacon, M.A., Rogiet Vicarage Mon.
Cortie, Rev. A. L., S.J., Stonyhurst.
Denning, W. F., F.R.A.S., Bristol.
Holmes, Edwin, Hornsey Rise.
Maunder, E. Walter, F.R.A.S., Greenwich.
Markwick, Colonel, F.R.A.S., Boscombe.
∗Taylor, Albert, F.R.A.S., Penarth.
Weinek, Prof. Dr., K. K. Sternewarte, Prague.
∗Whitmell, C. T., M.A., B.Sc., Leeds.

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